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Good Behavior Guidelines

First time dates are required to be lightly screened, at my discretion.

Any information shared will only be used for screening purposes and will never be shared with anyone else.


Booking in advance is highly recommended.  I do make exceptions for after-hours dates if requested in advanced.


Please make sure you are hygiene and appearance appropriate for our date. What's sexier than a well-groomed, well-dressed gentleman? 


Please respect my time and do not try to overstay longer than the length of time the original date was booked for. If you would like to extend our date, please ask first and plan on compensating for the extended time together.


Please respect my boundaries, if I ever ask you not to do something be the gentleman I know you are and be respectful of my request and I can assure we will have an incredible time together.


Explicit or coded language will not be tolerated. Neither will rudeness, arrogance or disrespect.

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